We from Sellin love sports. That's why we also offer our guests lots of action and movement. On the beach, on the water and as visitors.

Parent-child spa treatments

A cure prevents and heals. Especially when sea and forest work together. Parents with children can recover in the spa clinic.


Building castles and swimming fun, mini-golf and fairytale forest, pirate festival and beach lab. Children love coming to Sellin because they can let off steam in such a great way.

Winter sports

We cannot promise it. But when snow falls, we draw cross-country ski trails through the Granitz and invite you to the Sellin Winter Games.

Day Spa

Exotic massages, Ayurveda or the classic full body massage - there is a partner for every individual need in Sellin.

Hiking tours

The Baltic Sea lies below the high shore, the hunting lodge of the Prince of Putbus is an attainable goal and we find magical places along the way.


Mermaids and goblins feel just as much at home in the AHOI! RÜGEN as little water rats and lively deep-sea crabs.

Winter in Sellin

More and more people leave the summer sun behind and come to Sellin in winter. It is the special Sellin mixture that inspires them.


In Sellin, the experience of nature is always right before our eyes. But we make discoveries on the way in the hilly country, on the beach or in the Granitz.

Open Air Sellin

Stars of the scene perform directly on the pier in summer. Everyone loves the unique atmosphere in the summer evening sun on the beach.

Christmas market

Children's eyes light up in a festive atmosphere at the Sellin Christmas market. And adults find distinctive gifts from the region.

Cultural venues in Sellin

With your legs dangling on the jetty, in your swimsuit on the Baltic Sea terrace or simply barefoot in the sand. Our cultural venues are mostly outdoors.

AHOI! Wellness

The AHOI! RÜGEN is bathing fun for the whole family. But those looking for peace and relaxation will also find their paradise in the wellness world.

Guided hikes

Would you like to hike among the cowslip and ribwort? Cycle to Putbus or visit the bats in the forest at night?

Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve

So beautiful and so authentic. To ensure that nature and culture continue to go hand in hand in the future, we protect them with intelligent ideas.

Sellin sculptures

Bronze bathers populate the Baltic Sea resort. The sculptures by Thomas Jastram celebrate life and people with wit and charm.

Cycling tours

We take on something big and explore the surroundings of Sellin by bike. Just set off and enjoy the unspoilt landscape.

For Kids

Pirate parties and fun makers, creative courses, golf and carnivals are the perfect alternatives to Kleckerburg and swimming fun.

Gallery Hartwich

A fire brigade turned into a gallery. It offers the perfect setting for exciting art with international flair and surprising quality


In Sellin, dogs are allowed on the beach. But they have even more fun when they can poke their heads into the wildflowers in the Sellin hill country.

Coastal protection

Rügen is romantic, but dangers are also part of the landscape. For the island is alive and has been changing from day to day for millennia.

Sellin ice skating area

More and more people whistle for the summer sun and come to Sellin in winter. It is the special Sellin mixture that inspires them.


The legendary Blue-tooth Treasure, the cultural history of the region and a charming amber museum. Experience history in stories.

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