Pier Sellin

It leads out onto the Baltic Sea on wooden planks. It is beautiful, historic and a wedding venue. Great setting for concerts and enjoyment.


Building castles and swimming fun, mini-golf and fairytale forest, pirate festival and beach lab. Children love coming to Sellin because they can let off steam in such a great way.

Hiking tours

The Baltic Sea lies below the high shore, the hunting lodge of the Prince of Putbus is an attainable goal and we find magical places along the way.

Altensien Mill

The Bockwindmühle is something special. There were very few small rural mills for grinding like this one.


In Sellin, the experience of nature is always right before our eyes. But we make discoveries on the way in the hilly country, on the beach or in the Granitz.

Open Air Sellin

Stars of the scene perform directly on the pier in summer. Everyone loves the unique atmosphere in the summer evening sun on the beach.

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