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Our Mini-Fischköppe are clever minds. Not only because they grow up in and with nature and thus unite heart and mind, but also because they are cared for in a particularly caring and nurturing, encouraging and affirming way. Starting with the smallest children in the nursery, through kindergarten, elementary school and on to secondary school – Sellin makes you smart!



The day care center „Olga Benario Prestes“ in Sellin is attended by up to 223 children from 3 months to 10 years. The children are looked after by a total of 20 educators in the time from 06.00 – 17.00 o’clock.

In the day care center at Weißen Steg 1 in Sellin up to 133 crèche and kindergarten children can experience a joyful-harmonious and at the same time stimulating atmosphere, which is characterized by togetherness in the community.

A lot of movement is in the foreground. Our playground and the proximity of the beach and forest are ideal for this.
Our 90 after-school children are cared for by our educators in the building of the Sellin elementary school. Here the children have various possibilities to arrange their free time after school and during the vacations according to their wishes.

In order to implement the modern educational concept that Mecklenburg-Vorpommern follows, the KiTa works closely with the Sellin elementary school. In addition to theoretical exchanges, both partners also pursue their work in a practical way, including mutual visits with the children, taster lessons for KiTa children and jointly organized projects for all children.
The kindergarten teachers regularly participate with the children in events of the Baltic resort Sellin, such as the lantern procession on St. Martin’s Day.

Since 1992 the state-approved social pedagogue Gerlinde Genth has been managing the day care center „Olga Benario Prestes“.

Olga Benario Prestes“ day care center
Weißer Steg 1
18586 Sellin


Joie de vivre and creativity are the most important prerequisites for learning success at the Sellin Elementary School. Therefore, the 13 teachers work according to a holistic learning concept, which includes a lot of mental and physical movement. The aim is to motivate their 113 pupils from the communities of Lancken-Granitz, Baabe and Sellin to learn independently by alternating between excitement and relaxation. The school’s location on the edge of Granitz and away from busy roads supports this idea. Since 2009 the elementary school Sellin follows the future-oriented concept of a „full half-day school“. Thereby there are fixed school times for the whole week instead of changing starting times according to a timetable. In addition, compulsory lessons are supplemented by learning times during which the pupils can work freely in project groups. The elementary school Sellin developed from a polytechnic high school and exists since 1990/ 91 as an independent elementary school. It cooperates with the National Park Authority, the Music School Rügen, selected hotels and other initiatives in the Baltic resort Sellin. The „Förderverein Grundschule Sellin e.V.“, founded in 2008, supports the school.

Primary School Sellin
Granitzer Straße 1b
18586 Sellin


The CJD Christophorus School Rügen in the Baltic Sea resort Sellin is one of 50 Christophorus Schools operated by the CJD throughout Germany. Common to all of them is the Christian image of man. In it, each student is considered in his or her uniqueness. The school sees its educational mission in giving the pupils the ability to make moral judgments on the basis of solid skills and abilities, and thus to make them social members of our democratic society who act in solidarity.

The CJD Christophorusschule Sellin is a cooperative comprehensive school. It promotes the individual development of all pupils. This includes developing their personality, discovering and encouraging their talents and gifts, and developing learning and performance skills. During their time at school, young people should be prepared to find their place in society in a responsible manner, drawing on an ethical foundation based on the Christian faith.

Christophorus School seeks new ways to educate each individual. The school makes a wide range of offers to promote the different gifts, but also gives individual assistance to compensate for weaknesses and disabilities. All subjects of the state of MV for the respective grades are taught. The specifications in the framework plans and internal school curricula apply.

In the classroom, students acquire knowledge, skills and abilities in all subjects. These competencies are systematically built up over the individual school years. This enables the students to obtain a school-leaving certificate of vocational maturity, vocational maturity with performance assessment, intermediate school-leaving certificate, the school-based part of the advanced technical college entrance qualification or the Abitur. The requirements of the KMK and the MV framework plans are binding.

CJD Christophorus School Sellin
Granitzer Straße 1 b
18586 Ostseebad Sellin

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