Hiking tours

You always arrive somewhere

On signposted trails you walk over rolling hills, under shady foliage and in sunny glades. The signposted routes can be up to 31 kilometres long. The shortest, at eight kilometres, leads around Lake Sellin. Just start hiking or let yourself be guided in company. You will always arrive somewhere beautiful.



Hiking in and around Sellin

It is always a good idea to follow the marked trails. But in the Baltic resort of Sellin and the Sellin Hills, you can also just wander off. Liverworts and primroses bloom in the Granitz nature reserve and the hunting lodge is located on the 106-metre-high Tempelberg. On the way in the hilly forest area, many magnificent views of the Baltic Sea open up. Those who wish can hike to the hunting lodge or to Binz and return with the „Rasender Roland“ or bus line 22.

Into the Enchanted Forest of Granitz

A hike along the Hochuferweg leads through the Granitz to the Binz fishing beach. On the way through the 1,100-hectare forest area, hikers pass the lookout points Waldhalle and Granitzer Ort. Just a few steps into the beech forest lies the Schwarze See (Black Lake). There is a refuge at the Teufelsschlucht (Devil’s Gorge). The paths of the Granitz are slightly hilly and there is a risk of falling when leaving the steep bank, please be sure to wear solid footwear.

Around Lake Sellin

On a tour around Lake Sellin, you will discover the other side of the Baltic Sea resort. The approximately eight-kilometre route runs through idyllic villages to a historic mill, past traditional excursion inns, ancient megalithic tombs and lots of nature amidst the most beautiful Bodden landscape. From Moritzburg Castle, high up on the mountain, you can climb down a stepladder and take the rowing ferry to Baaber Bollwerk to hike back to Sellin.

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