Pier Sellin

It leads out onto the Baltic Sea on wooden planks. It is beautiful, historic and a wedding venue. Great setting for concerts and enjoyment.

Diving gondola Sellin

The Baltic Sea is presented as a habitat on the diving station. In good visibility, animals and plants pass by the windows of the gondola.

Exhibition Blauzahn

Adventurous, mystical, a treasure from ancient times. It was recovered by amateur archaeologists and can be seen here in valuable copies.

Altensien Mill

The Bockwindmühle is something special. There were very few small rural mills for grinding like this one.

Kurpark Friedensberg

The Friedensberg opposite the Kurverwaltung is an ancient place of power. During events, visitors sit enraptured on small hills under a canopy of leaves.

Rowing ferry Moritzdorf

At the Baabe Bollwerk, you cross over with the rowing boat ferry. And this has been the case for more than 120 years. You can cross the Baabe Bollwerk with muscle power.

Rasender Roland

On an excursion with the narrow-gauge railway "Rasender Roland" you can experience a lot of nature and also a piece of cultural history.

Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen

Experience special feelings on the treetop path in the Rügen Natural Heritage Centre and enjoy a magnificent panoramic view from the 40-metre-high observation tower.

Jagdschloss Granitz

High on the Tempelberg, Prince Malte built himself a castle. After the hunt in the beech forest of the Granitz, festive dinners were held there.


Nature experience and adventure, culture and culinary delights. The island of Rügen is like an enchanted castle, another world opens up behind every new door.

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