Spa architecture

The beautiful life is a dream in white

Spa architecture is not actually a style, but a cheerful jumble of different building elements from all over Europe. Wealthy city dwellers commissioned their architects to build a villa on the Baltic Sea – this is how the playful houses with representative facades and summery wooden verandas came into being.

The green footbridge became an avenue of splendour

In 1895, the Prince of Putbus had the idea of building the Baltic seaside resort. Thus, the former „Grüner Steg“ (Green Footbridge) became the magnificent avenue of Wilhelmstraße as an avenue of linden trees. The first hotel to be built in the new street was the “ Hotel Fürst Wilhelm“ – the later Kurhaus – in 1896. Little by little, guesthouse villas were built in the style of spa architecture and many a fisherman farmer became a landlord in this way. Today, many of the historic villas offer their guests a holiday domicile.

A guided tour through Sellin

During a guided tour through Sellin, not only book knowledge is imparted, but also many anecdotes that are only known by old-established Sellin residents. The tour is conducted by Silke Wilcke, who appears in a historical costume of the turn of the century. The tour starts at the former „Warmbad“ of the Baltic resort Sellin, where today the spa administration receives its guests, and leads to the pier and along the Wilhelmstraße.

Stories from Sellin’s expert

Bis 2016 wurden die Ortsführungen von dem Ortschronisten Gerhard Parchow durchgeführt, dessen Vorfahren seit dem 15. Jahrhundert als Fischer und Bauern auf der Halbinsel Mönchgut lebten. Er weiß viele Geschichten zu erzählen, die nicht im Reiseführer stehen. Badeleben und Bäderarchitektur, Kurhaus und Seebrücke, Warmbad und Wilhelmstraße – zu jeder Station kennt er eine Anekdote. Wir haben den besten Kenner der Selliner Geschichte in einem Audioguide verewigt.

Here AUDIOGUIDE to listen to and take away for free:

For your individual discovery tour with the Audioguide, download the tour in advance via APP to your own mobile device.

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