Pier Sellin

Fine lady all in white

Our pier is simply stunning! It hides modestly behind the steep bank before overwhelming us with its sight. Even though it was built according to a historical model – this magnificent building is not a museum, but invites us. To stroll, to enjoy, to get married or to take a boat trip.

The Pier Sellin

Wilhelmstraße rises gently to the 30-metre-high steep shore of the Baltic Sea. Pretty guesthouse villas of spa architecture line this magnificent street. Prince Wilhelm Malte zu Putbus laid it out as early as 1895 and gave Sellin’s development into a popular Baltic seaside resort a real boost. Because at some point it became too dangerous to bring ladies and gentlemen of high society ashore in small boats from the steamer, the first pier was built as a landing stage in 1906.


Seebrücke Sellin
Seebrücke 1
18586 Ostseebad Sellin

A local makes history

The Sellin seaside resort photographer Hans Knospe had been fighting for the pier to be rebuilt since it was closed in 1978. When the then Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker visited Sellin in 1991, he found a committed fellow campaigner. His photographs served as a model and the pier was rebuilt in its historic form of 1927. When the 394-metre-long pier was ceremoniously opened in 1998, he was already 99 years old and died a few months later.

85 steps lead to happiness

The pier has always been a landing stage for excursion boats and a place of pleasure. It is still that way today. Couples from all over Germany marry in the Baltic Hall, maritime dinners are served to the accompaniment of piano music, the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival organises concerts, the pier festival is rocked and the diving gondola invites you to maritime adventure. 85 steps lead down from the steep bank, but those who want can also take the lift to the beach.

This building has already experienced a lot

The first Sellin landing bridge was inaugurated in 1906 and was about 500 metres long. Again and again, storms and ice caused severe damage; in the ice winter of 1941/42, only the bridge house remained standing. The dance hall, which was located on the pier from 1956 on, belongs to the memory treasure of the older inhabitants of Sellin and they like to tell about hot dance nights that went on until the early morning hours. The bridge house was closed in 1974 and demolished four years later.

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