Sellin Hills

The districts of Sellin

In the Sellin hill country lies the fishing and farming village of Moritzdorf, as well as Seedorf, Neuensien and Altensien amidst the most beautiful Bodden landscape. With meadow sage and water astragal, harbour festivals and a windmill. Gentle hills and an unspoilt view into the distance accompany reed-covered fishermen’s cottages, village pubs and idyllic hiking trails.


Holidays between the waters

The Sellin districts have secured a place on the water. Moritzdorf and Altensien are on Lake Sellin, Neuensien on Lake Neuensien and Seedorf on Lanckener Bek.
Once fishermen and farmers lived here – today the villages have been spruced up for holidaymakers and inspire with their typical Bodden landscape. In the Sellin hills, tourists stay in former fishermen’s cottages under cane roofs, in private flats, owner-managed guesthouses or small hotels.

Idyll in the biosphere reserve

The Sellin Hills are part of the South-East Rügen Biosphere Reserve and combine the diverse beauty of the typical Rügen Bodden landscape in a very small area. Guests enjoy the tranquillity and the closeness to nature. They go hiking or cycling along asphalted village roads and through pretty avenues to many excursion destinations. At small events at the mill in Altensien or in Seedorf, excursionists get to know the country and its people in a special way.

A trip into the blue

Awakened by the cockcrow, spoiled with regional delicacies for breakfast, the bicycles are saddled up and off you go. On designated cycle paths or small asphalt roads, you cycle through the Boddenland at Lake Neuensien and Lake Sellin. In front of historically significant buildings, picture boards provide information about their history. The „Seafarer’s House“ museum sets the mood for the great theme of the island of Rügen – wanderlust. And in Moritzdorf you can take the rowing boat ferry to Baabe.


Among the villages in the Sellin hill country, Seedorf is probably the most famous. Many captains lived here and seaworthy ships were built here as early as 1861. The former shipyard is located on the Lanckener Bek, which is connected to the Baltic Sea via the Having. With its marina, fish smokehouse and various restaurants, the tranquil village is also the starting point for hikes to the southern coast and to Moritzdorf. A footbridge leads to the villages of Preetz and Burtevitz.



Moritzdorf was founded by Prince Wilhelm Malte I in 1841 and still has many traditional buildings. Most of them also offer holiday accommodation. There is also a small hotel. Because of its proximity to the Baltic Sea, Moritzdorf has always been a very popular holiday resort. A wooden footbridge leads up to the Moritzburg excursion pub and the hillside. A rowing boat ferry has been crossing the 50-metre-wide Baaber Bek to the Baaber Bollwerk since 1891.


Altensien is located on the western shore of Lake Sellin in a gently rolling Bodden landscape. Brick, half-timbering and reeds characterise the architectural style of the former fishermen’s cottages. Some of them were originally restored. Situated in the midst of orchards and surrounded by fieldstone walls, they offer a cheerful sight. Families with children feel particularly at home here, also because they can visit the mill park, where a historic trestle windmill has been rebuilt.


Situated on the eastern shore of Lake Neuensien and on the road to Seedorf, the former fishing village has a 43.2-metre-high hill whose crest is under nature conservation. The settlement was first mentioned in documents as early as 1318. In the 18th century, the village community fished with a four-man boat, and there was also a fishing cooperative here in GDR times.

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