There is never boredom for children in Sellin. Because besides two beaches, exciting destinations in the Sellin hills and great attractions on Rügen, there are always new adventures. Amber hunt and diving gondola, pirate festival and a night hike to the bats – children experience nature and make new friends.



The morning sun shines on the main beach at the pier, beach chairs invite you to spend some contemplative hours, and the proximity to Wilhelmstraße with its cafés and stores is particularly attractive. But the south beach is especially popular with families, because there is always something going on here. The beach here is only one kilometer long but 60 meters wide – and because the water only gets deeper very slowly and this beach is also supervised by the DLRG, parents can also enjoy relaxing days on the water.


Many vacation apartments in Sellin and its rural districts are geared towards families with children. Here they can have a good romp or make excursions by bike. On the asphalted village roads and natural paths children are safe and make discoveries on their own. The rowing ferry in Moritzdorf or a ride on the „Rasender Roland“ are fun for children and their parents. A trip to the windmill in Altensien is also unforgettable, especially when crafts are made and bread is baked there on Wednesdays.


Every festival in Sellin, is also a children’s festival. Be it the Easter egg hunt with the Easter bunny, the May parade with maypole setting or the sea bridge festival. Parents can relax especially well because the little ones are well entertained. If they bring along a pirate license, have been baptized by Neptune, have had a good romp at exercise games or know everything about fossils on the Baltic Sea beach – all the better.

In Sellin the flag flies with Gustav, the crowned fish. It stands for family-friendly vacations. And we do a lot to make sure that this is really true!

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