Nature experience

Those who set out see more

Adventures await on the Baltic Sea beach, wild animals live in the Bodden and our meadow flowers can talk. Exotic worlds? In the Sellin hills you can discover them behind every fork in the road. And the Kurkarte is a „free ticket“ that allows you to travel free of charge and without a car in the entire region.

In harmony with nature

Herb walks in the Sellin hill country, excursions by sailing boat, moonlight walks to the mystical Black Lake or a nocturnal visit to the bats can be undertaken directly from Sellin. Throughout the year, biologists and other nature experts offer exciting excursions, experiments and hikes in Sellin. Here you can learn how the stones get to the beach or go amber hunting with others in the Baltic Sea’s silt fringe.

Trip without car

Not only for children Sellin and its districts Altensien, Neuensien, Seedorf and Moritzdorf in the hill country are a paradise for adventures in nature. Adults, too, are enthusiastic about the manifold possibilities to experience this unique Bodden landscape in its pure form. With your Kurkarte, you can travel free of charge throughout the entire holiday region; the public bus, local buses to the villages, the aerial tramway and even an excursion boat are waiting to take you to your destination.

Sustainability is not just a word

Sustainability is on everybody’s mind – and also we in Sellin act accordingly. To avoid even more rubbish, we offer „Kippenkiller“ beach ashtrays for your pocket, „Recup-Pfandbecher“ and „Buddelbuddies“ reusable bottles. We avoid plastic whenever possible and make it easy for you to travel by public transport. In this way, we strengthen all of our awareness of the wonders of nature, which we want to preserve together.

Top 10

Sustainable Sellin
1. leave your car at home
2. use #freifahrtschein
3. recup deposit cup
4. cigarette killer for your pocket
5. butts to the Baltic Sea ashtray
6. litter in the dirt bag
7. reusable bottle for Buddelbuddies
8. share & repair – renting instead of buying
9. collect rubbish together
10. local suppliers

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