Hiking and cycling

Collecting moments in nature

Our team includes a marine biologist, a herbal wizard, local chroniclers and other enthusiasts! They will take you to our nature reserves, the granite forest or the biosphere reserve. Their enthusiasm is contagious and the learning outcomes are self-evident.

Guided tours in and around Sellin

Sometimes you want to know a little more. Find hidden places, hear old legends or understand phenomena of nature. That’s why we have hired a team of enthusiastic Rügeners who will take you along and share their knowledge with you. Then it’s off to the wild herbs or the bats. Into the history of the Baltic Sea resort, to the magical place of power or to the amber on the beach. Guided tours are a nice alternative to the beach and can be requested at the spa administration.

Wild herb tour

„You can eat almost everything that grows here,“ says nature guide René Geyer, enthusing people on his herb walks. The nature guide imparts ancient knowledge about the healing powers of plants in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Southeast Rügen. As a „herb geyer“, he gives tips on collecting and explains how they are used in the kitchen. Along the way, the rich fairytale and legend world of the island of Rügen is also conveyed. This three-hour hike is suitable for the whole family.

Bat excursion

Bats are among the most fascinating animals in the world. Equipped with torches, participants go on a bat hike after sunset to the Granitz and through the village. Especially for children, such a night hike under expert guidance is an unforgettable experience. Bats only become active at night. The almost blind animals orientate themselves by making sounds in a frequency that is inaudible to the human ear – but the detector they carry with them detects them.

Amber hike

With the autumn storms, Baltic amber also arrives on the coast of the Baltic Sea off Pomerania. Because it is so light, it gets caught in the swell and can be found with an expert’s eye. On the amber walk, participants learn how to find this million-year-old „gold of the seas“ and how to check its authenticity. Under expert guidance, the amber and the fossils found along the way are used to convey the geological history of the island of Rügen.

Historical guided tour

In historical costume, Silke Wilcke takes her guests on a two-hour walk to the pier, along Wilhelmstraße and to other interesting places of spa architecture. You will learn why there is a bathtub in the spa administration building, how the pier has suffered from ice and storms, which celebrities have been here and how ladies bathed in the Baltic Sea around 1900. A guided tour with our local historian is also available as an audio guide. (hier LINK?)


The Friedensberg opposite the spa administration was already a place of power for the Germanic tribes.
Dr. Ralf M. Bittner has measured the force field of this ancient place with a rod and pendulum. He offers guided tours on the history of Friedensberg and on the possibilities of self-knowledge that can open up here. Sixteen power points have been marked, including the moon point of the goddess „Fulla“, which can reveal access to one’s own dreams.

Our guided tours

In the Baltic Sea resort 
Historical guided tour of the town (1.5 hours)
Guided tour of Friedensberg (1.5 hours)

On the beach
Amber beach walk (2 hours)
Thematic beach walk (3 hours)
Bat excursion (4 hours)
Hike to the historic seal berths (5 hours)

In the Sellin hills
Guided tour with wild herbs (3 hours)
Hike to the Seedorf Hills (3 hours)

By bike
Cycling tour Putbus (4 hours)
Cycling tour to Mönchgut (5 hours)

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