Sellin sculptures

The life-size figures seem alive

Selina stands on a boulder in the Baltic Sea. The beautiful Martha balances on a ball, Klara attracts attention at the Kurverwaltung and Saint Christopher protects travellers at the traffic roundabout in the direction of Baabe. With his family group at Sellin harbour, the artist shows typical holiday guests with a humorous eye.

The human being at the centre

We meet the figures of the sculptor, who was born in Rostock in 1959, at the Sellin bulwark, at the spa administration, in Wilhelmstraße and on the traffic roundabout. Thomas Jastram spent his training years with the sculptor Jo Jastram, who is known throughout Germany. He was a master student at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden and now lives in Hamburg. The human figure is at the centre of his work, which he creates with empathy and depth.

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