Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve

We protect what we love

Sellin is an official partner municipality of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Southeast Rügen. Three areas are considered particularly worthy of protection – the coastal zone of the Granitz, the „Schwarze See“ and the „Große Wiese“ kettle bog. But the Having, Lake Neuensien and the western shore of Lake Sellin are also among our natural treasures.

The biosphere reserve

The Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve is one of 15 model regions in Germany. The Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve between Putbus, Binz and Thiessow was recognised by UNESCO in 1991. Blocky beaches and the Bodden coast, beech forests and cliffs, moors and marshes, meadows and dry grasslands have been able to develop in the area, which covers around 23,000 hectares. For around 5,000 years, man has also used this landscape, developed it culturally and thus also shaped it.

Nature conservation areas

The core zones of the Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve include the coastal fringe zone of the Granitz, the „Schwarze See“ (Black Lake) and the „Große Wiese“ (Great Meadow) kettle bog. The forest of the Granitz is also a protected care zone, as is the nature reserve „Neuensiener und Selliner See“. The western shore of Lake Sellin, Lake Neuensien and the hills near Neuensien have been shaped by human influence over centuries. Their typical flora and fauna should be preserved for the future.

The Granitz

The Granitz forest is one of the largest and oldest forest areas on the island of Rügen. Liverworts, lilies of the valley and primroses blossom in the nature reserve – the grey seal, the great crested newt and the slender nappy snail are also at home there. Typical for the unique coastal region are also the block beaches. They were formed by coastal erosion after the surf had gradually attacked the steep shore. The sea took everything with it, except for the huge boulders.

Lake Neuensien and Lake Sellin

Stoneworts, broom and rowan trees, rare geese and whistling ducks are at home here. The nature reserve covers an area of 234 hectares and consists of three sub-areas: Lake Neuensien, the western shore of Lake Sellin and the hills near the village of Neuensien. Shallow waters, protective reeds, wet areas and open salt marshes are an ideal habitat especially for birdlife. This landscape was created after the last ice age and was settled early on.

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