Cycling tours in Sellin

In a whirlwind through the hill country

On a mountain bike ride through the Granitz we pass oak trees and the Jagdschloss on the Tempelberg. On a bike tour through the Sellin hill country we encounter the history of the region. Altensien, Neuensien, Moritzdorf and Seedorf are perfect destinations for nature lovers.


On the road by bike

In the Sellin hill country you cycle along cycle paths and narrow asphalt roads through the Bodden landscape. With a little planning, you will find paths that carry little car traffic and always offer a rest or a vantage point. Every day offers a new destination: today to Karl’s strawberry farm in Zirkow, tomorrow to the burial mounds of Lancken-Granitz, the day after tomorrow to the harbour festival in Seedorf via the mill in Altensien or to Moritzdorf and across to Baabe by rowing boat ferry.

Sightseeing along the way

At the Seafarers‘ House museum, captains talk about the great voyage, and history is shown and told at the windmill in Altensien. Famous sailing ships were once built at Seedorf’s natural harbour and at Lancken-Granitz the ancestors laid out their megalithic tombs. The Baltic seaside resort is an ideal starting point for exploring the typical Rügen Bodden landscape or the other Baltic seaside resorts along the coast.

The cycle tour starts in Sellin

22 circular tours are listed on a cycling map in the surroundings of Sellin. They are between 21 and 44 kilometres long and lead through the diverse landscape of the island of Rügen. Well-developed cycle paths and asphalted village roads lead into the Bodden landscape, to the Sellin Lake and the Having or to Groß Stresow. The rowing boat ferry on the Having also takes bicycles across. If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one in Sellin. E-bikes are also available – making a long tour even more fun.


Idyllic villages, untouched nature, witnesses of early times as well as the diversity of trees, flowers and shrubs in the Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve are particularly beautiful to see when you are out and about by bike.

Tour through the Granitz
Tour to Lauterbach
Tour to Mönchgut

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