Peaceful Mountain

A place of meditation and quietness

In a healthy body rests a sound mind, goes a Latin saying. The concept of spa park “Friedensberg” (peaceful mountain) is also based on this wisdom. The main goal of this “fitness-path” for body, mind and soul is to reach inner peace. The body is a temple. At this quiet place, it will be brought back into order. A flight of stairs takes visitors from the hustle and bustle of everyday life into this world of Norse gods. Guided by signs they get access to their own feelings. The physician Albert Einstein visited Sellin in 1915. He knew, that problems are never solved with the same consciousness that created them. To support the personal development, there are guided self-diagnosis tours on offer at this powerful place.

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Dr. Ralf Marius Bittner
T +49 38301-259
M +49 173-9711873

(Weekend seminars on request)