Living and working in the Baltic resort of Sellin

Between Tomahawk Steak and Beach Concert
Vivian and Leonie Heise

Contrasting describes quite well the picture that opens up to the visitor when he enters the restaurant of the Sellin pier: tradition meets modernity, or even art nouveau meets youthful here. Vivian (22) and Leonie (17) Heise move just as steadfastly between the wooden steps in the Kaiserpavillon and the colourful ceiling paintings in the Palmengarten, in line of sight with the historical photographs of the summer resort and strolling bathers of yesteryear and standing above the constant wave below them.

Cool Girls who know what they want.

Lively young ladies who sweep through their territory motivated and happy. Hard-working girls who love their work and Sellin. „With our mum Jana and our siblings we moved away from Magdeburg on 14 February 2014 and chose Sellin as our new home. Willi (meaning operations manager Wilhelm Wolf, himself only 33 years young and head of the sea bridge gang for 9 years) and mum knew each other and then it was somehow clear that if we were going to do an Training, it would be here. In 2016, we signed the contract here on the terrace in a very relaxed way and had three great, very instructive years,“ says Vivian.

„But after a year I wanted to go back to the family.“

„After a year, she briefly wanted to get a taste of other gastronomic air in Binz. „But after a year I wanted to go back to the family. That’s what Vivian calls the team at the Selliner Seebrücke. Because that’s how it is in this special location: goodwill, cohesion and support determine the togetherness and shape the young team. „It is so varied. The different areas, the pavilion on the promenade, the snack bar at the back of the bridge. I am encouraged and challenged here. Want to progress. I have just completed my training certificate. With the weddings we have and the events organised by the spa administration on the beach, we are always learning something new. We have great products, a really beautiful card. We like to bring it to the guests. Now it’s just new. We have a special Tomahawk steak from Simmental beef for two people with 1,200 grams of raw dish on fresh seasonal vegetables and a side dish of you choice, or a fine fish platter for two,“ says the pretty blonde, as lively as everyone in town knows her.

Willi is a great boss.

Leonie sits next to her and orders a latte from her dear colleague with a saucy quip. At the age of 15 she was already helping out, for example backstage at the Selliner Sommer Open Air with Wincent Weiss. She has now been in training for a year. „Willi is a great boss. He listens to our wishes. When I have school, it’s really free. My sister is here and it’s always fun with the colleagues. We are a 25-member young, international team. We go away together as a company or meet up privately. We go out to eat ourselves on the island or swim in the AHOI!Rügen. In our free time we go to the beach with all the dogs and meet family here. I spent a lot of time in the youth club and on the skating rink before the training and met nice people,“ she says.

The Baltic Sea – your constant companion

She resembles her big sister. Not only visually. She is communicative, open, self-confident. Qualities that are an advantage for a restaurant manageress. However, her tastes are different when it comes to the type of delicious Giovanni L. ice cream that is churned out on the pier. While Leonie swears by „Mama’s pastry bowl“, Vivian prefers to snack on a raspberry ice cream. Leonie prefers to work in the Kaiserpavillon, Vivian loves the summer on the terrace. And they always have the Baltic Sea in view, their constant companion. The Brückenhaus is their shelter. Their home.

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