Sports at the beach

Can you imagine a better place than a white long sandy beach to do something for your fitness during your vacation? This year the trendy Baltic Sea resort Sellin in the southeast of the island of Rügen offers unique fitness trends directly on the beautiful Baltic Sea beach where you also find with the famous Sellin pier. So if you are into active sports during your holiday, this is the right place to be. Here your body gets steeled and your muscles get worked. You can push yourself and your physical well-being. But the perhaps most important fact about this new amazing fitness program is that in Sellin you get to do this with lots of fun and joy. The sun, the sea, the beach and the motivated trainers contribute to this amazing experience, which will allow you to see fitness from a completely new perspective.

The fitness program at a glance:

Run & Fit

Sylvester Stallone? Rocky? If these words sound familiar, you know what’s coming at Run & Fit. The other participants can look forward to an original workout with a lot of running and varied interval sections along the beach, the forest, the coast, and at the famous pier stairs of Sellin. Stunning workout. Don’t miss it!

Free Running

This new workout is all about body movement. As with the sports trend of “Parcour”, in free running the entire environment is used with a lot of creativity. Can you imagine that this kind of exercise in a place like the Baltic Sea beach of Sellin puts you in a really good mood? It certainly does …


For some, perhaps the best workout ever! Here you get fit with good music and great people. In addition, you burn lots of calories without even noticing. The undefeated motto is: Fit by Fun!


This whole-body power workout, which has a positive effect on all body areas, is practiced in groups. The goal is to strengthen your muscles and stamina as well as to promote your flexibility in order to build comprehensive body fitness.

Strong Back Training

Back problems can almost be seen as the national disease par excellence. With the Strong Back Training you will find strength and relaxation for your back, which is often stressed by one-sided physical activity in everyday life. The exercises are perfectly coordinated, so that you get fit and stable in this important area of your body.

Joint Mobility

This is the active mobilization of your joints. In doing so, careful attention is given to the natural movement patterns. Your joints get intensively mobilized at your individual level. This training not only prevents pain but also improves the performance and functionality of your joints. Really useful, give it a try!


Especially the deep muscular system gets trained with this whole body training. You will learn to activate and strengthen muscles that are often completely unknown. This will improve your physical performance significantly. Once designed for dancers, Pilates is now a perfect combination of stretch and strength exercises that are suitable for everyone.


Yoga is and remains an absolute ‘must do’ when it comes to fitness. This holistic training approach will harmonize your body, mind and soul. Combined physical exercises, so-called “asanas”, improve your vitality and lead to inner calmness. Our experienced yoga teacher is looking forward to working with you on the beautiful sandy beach of Sellin.

If you are now ready to make your stay on the island of Rügen a sporty and fun one, then nothing should stop you now. The unique fitness program in Sellin is managed by sports experts of Rügen’s No. 1 fitness and water sports school.

The fitness partner of the Baltic Sea resort of Sellin: ProBoarding Rügen

The team of the fitness and water sports school ProBoarding Rügen is made up of young and dynamic sports pros. They all share the passion for fitness and exercise. Due to many years of experience they are extremely versed in teaching diverse sports. School and trainers stand for professionalism and certified quality. In the exceptional courses, safety is in harmony with experience and fun. Give it a try and get a new definition of fitness on the beach! And who knows, maybe this will be the workout of your life at the beach of the Baltic Sea resort of Sellin.



  • Free of charge with “Kurkarte” (Sellin visitor’s pass)
  • Without “Kurkarte”: 5 euros
  • Local Pass: Multiple Card for 10 courses: 35 euros


At the ProBoarding station by the Sellin pier.