Sellin Municipality

Sellin Municipality

Sellin is surrounded by Granitz coastal wood in the West and the North, towards the South the city opens up to lake Sellin – a typical lagoon, called “Bodden”. It is connected with Greifswald Bodden by a bay called “Having”. Large parts of the municipal area belong to Biosphere Reserve Southeast Rügen. Sellin hilly land is a 4km² large peninsula, surrounded by lake Sellin and Having, it rises up to 30m above sea level. Further South from Sellin Mönchgut peninsula begins. Just after 1990, Sellin had classified numerous of its historical buildings as monuments. Therefore, the original spa architecture characterizes the resorts as an important feature. The interplay of high cliff woods, Bodden scenery and spa architecture make Sellin one of the most popular seaside resorts on the whole Baltic shore.

The municipality is administered by the department of Mönchgut-Granitz and is governed by a district council and an honorary mayor. The total community area is 14,33 km² large. Apart from Sellin itself, the villages Altensien, Neuensien, Moritzdorf and Seedorf belong to the community. In 2010 there were about 2.400 inhabitants living here. Eighty percent of the 150 000 guests spending their holiday in the area, spend their holidays in Sellin itself, twenty percent prefer to stay in the villages.

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