Eisbahn Eiszeit Ostseebad Sellin Design Stefan Pocha Christiane Burwitz

Ice Rink

In December, the seaside resort of Sellin goes on a pleasure trip to the Ice Age. Enjoy the a happy day with your family on ice rink.

Wanderfrühling Ostseebad Sellin Rügen

Hiking Spring on Ruegen

When nature awakens on the Baltic Sea Isle of Rügen, it is a destination for hikers who enjoy going on a guided walk to unknown sites.

RUGIA Hoe Festival Sellin Outrigger

RUGIA Hoe Festival

Das RUGIA Hoe Festival ist Nachfolger der „Baltic Outrigger Challage“ – der legendären Weltrekordfahrt im September 2014.

Beach Polo Ostseebad Sellin Foto Burwitz Pocha

Beach Polo Championship

Argentine Horses and perfect players create a lively event on the beach below the pier at the yearly Beach Polo Championship.

Tour d'Allée Ostseebad Sellin

Tour d’ Allée

Sellin will yet again be the destination of the “Tour d’Allée”, which is taking place under the motto of “Cycling with Celebrities”.

seebruecke sellin morgens foto pocha burwitz

Sellin Pier

She is brave and open-hearted. Only because she paves the way for us, we dare to so go far out into the Baltic Sea.

Bäderarchitektur Ostseebad Sellin

Spa Architecture

Spa architecture is not really a style but a collection of different European architectural styles. In Sellin you may dsicover it!

Familienurlaub Rügen Sellin

Family on Tour

Sellin is an ideal destination for families who want to be active with their kids. Biking, hiking or just visiting special sites – it is all there!

Heiraten auf Rügen in Sellin auf der Seebrücke

Marriage and Other Feasts

The Sellin pier is an ideal location to marry. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea you marry in a charming atmosphere of times gone-by.

Sellin Wellness Rügen


In Sellin, a walk on the beach, swimming in the sea, hiking along the high cliff and biking through the hilly land is pure wellness.

Familienurlaub Sellin Rügen

Nature Experience

Daring adventures sleep under the beach, there are wild animals living in the lagoons, and meadow flowers that can speak.

Rügen Ostsee Sellin Strand

Sellin Beaches

In Sellin two beaches with a different characteristic wait for you, the main beach below the pier or more lively one further south.

Rügen Sellin Nordstern Eiswolken

In Every Season

Glistening amber in the drift line of the sea, fossilized plants in the sand. In Sellin magic moments arise out of nowhere.

Bäderbahn in Sellin auf Rügen

Getting Around in Sellin

Public transport ist perfect in Sellin. You may go as you like to the beach or to the countryside, na bike and bus, by boat or just by spa train.

Sonnenaufgang Moritzdorf Sellin

Sellin Hilly Land

Soft rolling meadows and an unhindered view to the horizon enchant us in Sellin hilly land. It is the ideal countryside for active people.

Museum Seefahrerhaus Sellin

Museum Seafarers’ Home

The museum presents everyday tools of fishermen and boatbuilders, ancient navigation instruments, seafarers’ souvenirs and more.

Mühlenpark Altensien Sellin Rügen

Historical Mill Site

In 2006, the last master builder of mills in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania had rebuilt it according to historical depictions.

Kurpark Friedensberg im Ostseebad Sellin

Peaceful Mountain

Peaceful Mountain is a recreational site for body, mind and soul. Find out about our fitness-path and learn more about yourself.

Sellin Fahrrad Schwarzer See

By Bike

Beautiful biking tours start in Sellin. There are more than 20 different looped tours in the surroundings that you may take.