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Familienurlaub auf Rügen

Events for Children

Kids are happy when they are allowed to romp about with others, or go on an expedition on their own. They can do so in Sellin.

Familienurlaub Sellin

Sellin Youth Centre

In the Sellin Youth Centre young natives meet holiday kids. Both of them cherish the enticing offers of the place and have fun.

Heiraten auf Rügen in Sellin auf der Seebrücke

Marriage and Other Feasts

The Sellin pier is an ideal location to marry. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea you marry in a charming atmosphere of times gone-by.

Rügen Sellin Nordstern Eiswolken

In Every Season

Glistening amber in the drift line of the sea, fossilized plants in the sand. In Sellin magic moments arise out of nowhere.

Let’s Go Swimming

Take off your clothes, we show how fast you can be. If you watch our summer video you certainly want more!

Seebrücke auf Rügen im Ostseebad Sellin

Live Cam

Our Live Cam gives you an insight into happy Holidays in the Baltic Seaside Resort of Sellin. See its beauty for yourself!

Ortsplan Ostseebad Sellin

Sellin Map

Here you may download a map of the Baltic Seaside Resort of Sellin to perfectly plan your holidays by the sea an all year around.

Bernsteinmuseum Sellin

Amber Museum Sellin

More than 40 mio years ago, subtropical forests covered the region where the Baltic amber developed. It is the basis of a museum.