Baltic Outrigger Challenge

Baltic-Outrigger Sellin Weltrekord, Foto: Pocha

World Record! An entry into the Guinness Book of Records

The Baltic Outrigger Challenge on 6th September 2014
Start: Rønne, Bornholm (Denmark) – 7:00am, destination: Sellin Baltic resort, Rügen (Germany)

The “Baltic Outrigger Challenge” 2014 has successfully made its way into the Guinness Book of Records. Sailing outrigger boats across a distance of 104 kilometres from Rønne (Denmark) to Rügen (Germany) with muscle power alone is a challenge involving plenty of performance, emotion and courage. The “Strandräuber” team managed to complete the course in 9 hours and 5 minutes. 20 top athletes in 2 boats tackled the Outrigger Challenge: team “Strandräuber” with Mike Rolle, Dirk Oschetzke, Steffen Polchow, Torsten Krentz, Paul Mittelstedt, Paul Neumann, Martin Hollstein, Steffen Ulm, Karsten Morgenstern and Dennis Möller, coached by Olaf Heukrodt and team “Sparkasse” with Torsten Jung, Jerome Friedrich, Thomas Lück, Jenst Martens, Attila Vajda, Ronny Richter, Andreas Dittmer, Marttin Mittelstedt, Guido Gotzhein and Gordan Harbrecht, coached by Mark Eschelbach.

Link to a German video report on the event in the ZDF Mediathek