Sellin Pier

Sellin Pier. Sophisticated Lady in White.

In the morning stillness, we listen to our footsteps on the planks. With Baltic Sea breeze and sunshine, we jubilantly cheer with the seagulls and in the evenings, we join the locals celebrating crazy parties. Whether we are in love, long for a journey or seek a cultural event – Sellin pier loves all of us! The first Sellin pier had been opened in 1906. It was about 500m long, but storm and ice again an again caused heavy damage. During the terrible ice winter of 1941/ 42 there was just the pier house left and became a popular dance bar from 1956 onwards. In 1971, the whole pier had been closed due to deterioration. In 1974, it was torn down. Since 1998, Sellin pier shines again in its historical attire of 1927. A “stairway to heaven” and an elevator lead down to the 340m long wood constructions with “Palm Tree Garden” and an “Imperial Pavilion”. You may marry here, celebrate, or just enjoy the gastronomic offers. Save the date of Pier Party 2014 on July 25th.

There is rarely a place more beautiful to marry than the pier
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