General Terms and Conditions of Sellin Tourism Administration Accommodation Agency

The Tourism Administration is the agency, while contract partners are the guest and the accommodation provider.

1. Registration/ Booking Confirmation
Valid basis of this regulation is BGB §§ 675 (business management contract) and §§ 535 BGB (rental) according to German rights. With your registration you bindingly propose to conclude a contract with us. The contract about accommodation is regarded as concluded, as soon as the holiday object had been confirmed by e-mail, fax or letter, or – at short-term registration – orally or by telephone.

2. Availability of the Accommodation
The extent of contractual agreement is a result of the service described by the accommodation provider. The renter lets the rooms as described in the booking contract for his or her individual use. Further persons, not mentioned in the contract are allowed on the premises only by consent of the renter. A pet is allowed only, if stated in the booking confirmation. The reserved accommodation is at your disposal on the day of arrival from 2 p.m. and until 10 a.m. on departure day. If the accommodation is available on arrival only from 6 p.m. you are allowed to claim for damage.

3. Deposit/ Payment
With the reservation a deposit of the announced amount is due within 7 days. If not agreed upon otherwise, the final payment is due 28 day before arrival without further notice. At reservation from 30 days before arrival the whole amount of the fare is due immediately on receipt of the booking confirmation.

4. Cancellation by Guest
In general guests may cancel their booking before the journey begins. We recommend to declare cancellation in a written form. The cancellation is valid from the day, the cancellation note arrives at the renter. The renter is entitled to ask for an adequate compensation, taking into account the usually saved expenses and a possible subletting of the accommodation. The amount of compensation must refer to the arrival date of the cancellation note. The renter is entitled to ask for a cancellation fee, if the guest does not offer replacement. The following percentages are agreed upon: The expenses of the agency are to due for his efforts at cancellation (11,9 % of travelling costs, minimum 30 EURO) in any case. For accommodation in rooms (hotels, pensions, private quarters etc.) up to 30 days before travelling 11,9%, from 29th to 11th day before travelling 50 %, from 10th day before travelling 80% of the travelling costs. For all accommodation of holiday apartments and holiday homes up to 45 days before travelling 11,9%, up to 35 days before travelling 50%, from 34 days before travelling 80% of the travelling costs. On the day the holiday stay begins the whole amount is due. On cancellation and no show the invoice amount already paid will not be reimbursed.

5. Travel Cancellation Insurance
We recommend to conclude a travel cancellation insurance offered with your booking for your own security. This is not included in the travelling costs.

6. Cancellation by the Accommodation Provider

The accommodation provider is entitled to withdraw from a travel contract without period of notice, if either the guest massively disturbs the fulfilment of the journey or he acts counter to the contract regulations, it is not reasonable for the renter to keep up the contract.

7. Obligation of the Guest to Cooperate / Warranty
Occurring defects must be announced immediately to the renter for him to be repaired. The prerequisite for an enforcement of eventual demands is that a complaint had been indicated immediately after occurrence and had been taken down. Agencies are not allowed to make any legally valid statements or accept claims.

8. Spa Tax
Spa tax is not included in travelling costs! For the stay spa tax is due according to the specific rules of the appropriate municipality.

9. Ineffectiveness of Certain Regulations
Should any of the above regulations become ineffective, the remaining regulation keep their validity and the effectiveness of the contracts remains untouched.

10. Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction is the home town of the owner.

11. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
The contracts is regarded as concluded after receipt of the booking confirmation, at this point also the terms and condition are regarded as accepted.