Swimming Regulations

Sellin Strand Ostsee

Excerpt from the beach and swimming regulations

§ 5 Swimming and sun bathing
Swimming is only allowed at designated beach areas. If the warning ball is hoisted, the following regulations are in force: – One warning ball hoisted: swimming for children and non-swimmers is forbidden – Two warning balls hoisted: swimming is forbidden for everybody Swimming and sunbathing without clothes is allowed only in designated beach areas.

§ 6 Sand castles on the beach
It is not allowed to dig away sand for sand castles closer than 3m to the dunes or the high cliff.

§ 8 Watercraft and water sports
Craft, sports on the beach, surfing and the use of motor or sailing boats are not allowed in the swimming area marked by buoys. Team sport activities (e.g. volley ball) are allowed only in that areas designated by the Sellin tourism administration. You also need an authorization, if you wish to set up any sports equipment on the beach.

§ 10 Dogs in the beach area
From June 1st to September 30th it is allowed to keep dogs on a lead on the promenade and on the designated dogs’ beach.

§ 11 Entering dunes and high cliff
It is forbidden to walk on the dunes and the high cliff.

§ 12 Driving on the promenade
It is not allowed to drive on the promenade with any vehicles whatsoever.

§ 14 Open fires in the beach area
In all areas, as designated in § 2, it is only allowed to light and keep an open fire with the official authorization by the Stralsund Department of Shipping and Water and the head of the department of Mönchgut-Granitz.

§ 15 Guard
You are obliged to follow the instructions of the guarding personnel of DLRG life-guards and the Sellin tourism administration executing these regulations.

Please find the complete swimming and bathing regulations at Sellin tourism administration, at the lifeguards DLRG station and in showcases on the beach.