Spa Architecture

A beautiful life is like holidays in white

The ornament generously spends joie de vivre. Boarding house villas at Wilhelmstraße are proud of their oriels, turrets and verandas. One is prettier than the other and all of them offer guests a holiday home. The magnificent boulevard leads up to the high cliff and the pier under lime trees, past cafés and boutiques. From above we can see the lagoon scenery with its typical “Bodden”. We are happy strollers. Spa architecture is not really a style but a collection of different European architectural styles. Commissioned by wealthy citizens, architects built villas by the sea. This is how the playful houses with prestigious facades and wooden summer verandas came into being. Shortly after the political change in 1990 Sellin classified the houses as historical monuments, therefore many historical villas had been carefully restored and converted to modern holiday domiciles.