School & Day Nursery

Grundschule Sellin und CJD Christophorusschule Rügen

CJD St Christopher’s School Rügen

The CJD St. Christopher’s School Rügen in the Baltic seaside resort of Sellin is one of fifty St. Christopher’s schools, run by the CJD, nationwide. They all share a common Christian conception of humankind. It regards every pupil in his singularity. The school sees its educational goal to endow pupils on the grounds of solid abilities with skills with a moral competence to judge and make them socially acting members of our democratic society.

The St. Christopher’s School Sellin is a cooperative comprehensive school. It supports the pupils’ individual development. Part of this is to develop their personality, to discover and support their talents and to train their competence to learn and be achieving. During their school careers the young people shall be prepared to find his or her place in society as a responsible human being, the Christian belief being the ethical foundation for them.

St. Christopher’s School is actively looking for new ways for individual education. There is a broad offer to support diverse talents, but also individual backing ups to compensate shortcomings and handicaps. All subjects obligatory in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for the respective class are part of the curriculum.

Pupil acquire knowledge and skills in all subjects. These are taught systematically and spread over the school years. Pupil may acquire different degrees according the German school system and the guidelines of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Contact/ Information
CJD Christophorusschule Sellin
Granitzer Straße 1 b
18586 Ostseebad Sellin
Telephone +49 38303/ 1272-0

Sellin Primary School

A zest for life and creativity are main aspects of success for Sellin primary school. That is why the overall 13 teachers work on a holistic education concept, containing a lot of mind and body exercise. Main aim is to motivate the 113 pupils from the local municipalities of Lancken-Granitz, Baabe and Sellin to independent learning with an alternating offer of tension and relaxation. The location of the school, on the border of Granitz woods and off the busy roads supports this idea. Since 2009, the school follows the future-oriented concept of „Full Half Day School“. This means, that there are fixed school hours for the whole week, instead of alternating beginnings after a strict timetable. In addition to obligatory lessons, classes complement school, where pupil may learn in individual project teams. Sellin Primary School developed out of a poly-technical grammar school and exists since 1990/91 as an independent school on Rügen. It cooperates with Rügen National Park, Rügen music school, selected hotels, and other initiatives of the Baltic Seaside resort of Sellin. Since 2008, „Förderverein Grundschule Sellin e.V.“ supports the projects financially and ideally.

Contact/ Information
Sellin Primary School
Granitzer Straße 1b
D-18586 Sellin
Telephone +49 38303-87320

Day Nursery

Up to 190 children from 3 months to 10 years of age, visit the day nursery “Olga Benario Prestes” in Sellin. From Monday to Saturday, they are taken care for on an alternating basis by 15 nursery school teachers. In addition, holiday children are welcome here, as so-called “day children”. Because this KiTa is not far away from the Baltic Sea beach, close to the forest and situated in an area with little traffic, the kids find ideal conditions to romp about. When the KiTa had been completely renovated in 2010, it also bought toys designed for the special demands of the children. Especially very small crèche children now have the opportunity to playfully try out and improve their body abilities. A lot of exercise and healthy food are at the basis of the education concept of Sellin day nursery. To translate the modern education concept of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania into action, the KiTa closely cooperates with Sellin Primary School. Besides theoretical exchange, both partners follow up the others work by visits, taster lessons for KiTa children and jointly organized projects for all children. The teachers regularly take their children to events of the Sellin Tourism administration, for instance to the lantern procession on St Martins Day.  Since 1992, Olga Genth manages the day nursery “Olga Benares Prestes”. She is a stately approved social education worker.

Contact/ Information
KiTa „Olga Benario Prestes“
Weißer Steg 2
D-18586 Sellin
Telephone +49 38303-87298