Sellin Pier is a Dream Destination

When visiting Sellin Pier, you will not only have a wonderful experience at the building itself, but also on your way there! The magnificent “Wilhelmstraße” street gently ascends towards the 30-metre-high bank of the Baltic Sea, lined with stunning hotel mansions that are prime examples of resort architecture. The street was created by Wilhelm Malte I, Prince of Putbus, back in as early as 1895, which sparked the development of Sellin as a popular Baltic resort. It didn’t take long for the building lots in the street to be snapped up and all of the plots were sold by 1906. Architects from all over the world came to Wilhelmstraße to build houses for wealthy townspeople. The main focus of their designs was to create a ‘Mediterranean’ feel, which led to the establishment of the resort architecture style. Resort architecture is a mixture of regional styles featuring wooden bays and verandas, fancy ornaments and even a small tower here and there.

99 Steps to your Destination
On their journey towards their dream destination, visitors pass cafés and restaurants as they walk along extensive promenades leading to the “Himmelsleiter” stairway below. Visitors can access the beach by descending these 99 steps or can choose to reach the sands via the lift. The Himmelsleiter provides a stunning view of the Baltic Sea and the white splendour of the nearly 400-metre-long pier. Sellin Pier has had an eventful history since it was first constructed. It was damaged by drift ice and Baltic Sea storms on many occasions but it was finally rebuilt in 1997. The pier was reconstructed according to historical records and is now one of the landmarks of the island of Rügen.

Celebrate and Enjoy the Sea Air on Sellin Pier
The original construction of Sellin Pier already combined practical use with leisure. The pier was not only a jetty for excursion boats, but also served food and drink to bathers on the beach. This is still the case nowadays. Celebrating parties, going on excursions and enjoying the sea air whilst sipping a coffee have always been an integral part of this extraordinary construction. Many couples from all over Germany come and get married in the registry office in the pier’s “Baltic Saal” hall before celebrating the occasion in the building’s party rooms. On top of all this, Sellin Pier also offers everyday guests the opportunity to come and enjoy a maritime dinner accompanied by piano music.

Themed Culinary Evenings by the Baltic Sea
These special themed evenings will whisk you away on a culinary and musical adventure around Europe. From 6pm onwards on 20th February, you can come and enjoy Italian specialities accompanied by corresponding live music. This will be followed by the Scandinavian evening from 6pm onwards on 6th March. The Baltic herring will form the focus of events taking place between 9th and 15th March, when the kitchen team will serve delicious variations of this healthy edible fish. The Sellin season is regularly kicked off by a large ball. This year’s Season Opening Ball will take place on 28th March under the motto of “Summer, Beach & Holiday”. (Admission from 6pm onwards, ticket price: €35 per person including a welcome drink of sparkling wine)
The Rügen Spring Festival Pays Sellin a Visit
On 15th March, Sellin Pier will be the venue for the Spring Festival of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival. A matinee featuring award-winners takes place on the pier at 11am under the motto of “Young Spring on the Pier”, accompanied by a brunch. At the event, Quatuor Hermès will present a selection of pieces from the repertoire of the ‘Viennese’ string quartet. The acclaimed debut CD released by the ensemble award-winners from 2013 featured works by Haydn and Beethoven. (The number of participants at the brunch is limited and guests are therefore recommended to sign up for the event in advance.) The pier will also host a Golden Oldie Night from 8pm onwards on 20th March, when the DJ Ron Beitz is sure to create an excellent party atmosphere just like in the good old days. (Admission from 8pm onwards, ticket price: 5 euros)

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