Sellin Hilly Land

Holidays between the waters – Altensien, Moritzdorf, Seedorf and Neuensien

If Sellin had to invent itself as a recreational area it would look like the Sellin hilly land. It would be a green peninsula in the midst of the most beautiful Bodden scenery. Soft rolling meadows and an unhindered view to the horizon would enchant us. With thatched roofs, village inns and hiking trails. With meadow sage and eupatorium, with storks, cranes and a marina. And also with fishing and farming hamlets around Sellin hilly land in Altensien, Moritzdorf, Seedorf and Neuensien. The area belongs to Southeast Rügen biosphere reserve and encloses the diverse beauties of typical Rügen Bodden scenery. In the Sellin surroundings, holiday guests live in former fishermen cottages under thatched roofs or in cosy pensions run by the owners. They enjoy being close to nature and like to walk or bike along blacktop country lanes or beautiful alleys. The mill site in Altensien, Seedorf harbour or Moritzburg are popular tour destinations.