Sellin Beaches

In Sellin you find a suitable beach for every mood!

At the pier, just below the wooded high cliff, you enjoy the morning sun, make yoga on the beach, or just plunge into reading in a beach chair. It starts, where magnificent Wilhelmstraße with its inviting boutiques, cafés and restaurants ends. At the guarded Southern beach with a view onto the bay and the other Baltic seaside resorts you doze in the afternoon sun, while the kids build a castle out of sand and happily play beach volleyball.

The Beach at the Pier

The Northern beachfront starts directly at the famous pier „Seebrücke“ below the wooded cliff. Here you may relax amidst nostalgic charm in a wicker beach chair and just watch the sea. Alternatively, you may enjoy a rejuvenating walk, go for a jog, or set off for a Nordic Walking trip along the seafront. Over the “stairway to heaven” or an elevator you reach the splendid “Wilhelmstraße”, with inviting boutiques, cafés und restaurants.

Sellin Southern Beach

You reach the generous Southern beach of Sellin via Ostbahnstraße and “Weißer Steg”, also with the spa train. This broad and stone-free beach is the actual Sellin “bathtub”. Nestled in the bay and suited ideally for swimming, with a view to the Baltic seaside resorts Baabe and Göhren, the Southern beach is the actual “bathtub” of Sellin.