In Every Season

Morning sun set, the rolling of the waves and circling stars

The Baltic Sea beach is like a stage. Sitting in the beach chair we observe in astonishment how nature celebrates itself. Northern lights and the polar star, a vast horizon and sizzling shooting stars. Glistening amber in the drift line of the sea, fossilized plants in the sand. In Sellin magic moments arise out of nowhere – we just need to perceive them. Then, we experience beauty and romance. The Sellin beaches are not only in summer a worthwhile destination. They are so versatile like nature itself and in every season, they show a different face. Enjoy a stormy walking tour in autumn, the crisp-cold air in winter or a happy early swim in May. Freedom and adventure in Sellin means to sometimes leave the usual paths and see things never seen before. We are pleased to show you the most interesting offers in spring, autumn and winter!