Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

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Seebrücke Ostseebad Sellin

Is the water quality checked for cleanliness?

The water is subject to a permanent inspection by the health authorities. Current results are published at displays on the main and south beach. As a sign of high water quality, Sellin holds the “Blue Flag” for many years now.

Are there any dancing events?

During the season, the Travelcharme Hotel hosts events every Friday. Also hotels like the Cliff Hotel or Hotel Selliner Hof offer dance events. Please inform yourself on the event schedule.

Where are ATMs located in Sellin?

Sparkasse, August-Bebel-Str. 8.

Pommersche Volksbank, Granitzer Str. 18

Where can I go cycling in Sellin and surroundings?

The cycle paths in and around Sellin are well developed and signposted. Cycle paths on the Mönchgut peninsula are usually asphalted and with few gradients. Cycle paths through the Granitz are fixed but not asphalted. They can be very hilly. Further information

How long is a hike through the Granitz to Jagdschloss (hunting castle) or Binz?

Depending on pace and route: 1 to 2 hours. The hunting castle can be reached from Sellin in less than an hour. You can also take “Rasender Roland” (a small train) to the stop “Garftitz” or “Jagdschloss”. Both stops are nearby Jagdschloss Granitz. Further information

Where can I go fishing and how do I get a fishing/tourist fishing permit?

You can have the fishing license issued on presentation of a valid fishing license in the “Kurverwaltung Sellin” or in the “Amt-Mönchgut-Granitz”. You can purchase a permit for 1 day, 1 week or until the end of the year.

The tourist fishing permit is only available in the “Amt Mönchgut Granitz”, Göhrener Weg 1. You do not need a valid fishing license for this ticket.

Where can I rent rowing boats, motorboats or sailboats?

Folk boats: in Seedorf, phone: +49 (0) 173 8912747

Folk boats, dinghies, rowing boats or motorboats: in Lauterbach “Im Jaich”, phone: +49 (0) 38301 8090

Where can I rent bicycles?

Rentalstation Sellin, Parkstraße 2, phone: +49 (0) 38303 86655

Fahrradverleih Neumann, Granitzer Straße 45, phone: +49 (0) 38303 87990 or +49 (0) 174 4945964

Where can I rent a “Strandkorb” (typical Baltic Sea beach chair)?

At the main beach and at the south beach, from Easter to October. You can either pre-order via phone or rent a Strandkorb directly on site. Strandkorb Rental Ohl, phone and further information: +49 (0) 3838 80390.

Are the algae and mud on the beach poisonous?

In the warmer season, a strong algae development may occur. This is associated with a discoloration of the water as well as with a partial unpleasant odor development. The algae/dead sea grass is safe for humans. Water samples are collected and checked regularly by the health authorities. The water is subject to a permanent independent control.

Are there grocery stores and health food stores? What are the opening hours?


Baabe: LIDL

During the summer months, all markets are open 7 days a week at least until 8 pm.

Health food stores are located in Göhren, Alt Reddevitz, Bisdamitz, Binz, and Bergen.

Where can I order a taxi?

Mönchgut Taxi, phone: +49 (0) 38303 85045

Taxi Service, phone: +49 (0) 1802 666662

RügenTaxi, phone: +49 (0) 3838 313939

How do I get to Hiddensee?

Go to Schaprode, a municipality across the island of Hiddensee. The ferry departs several times a day to Hiddensee. You can find current timetables and prices at or in information points.

Note to car drivers: At the entrance of Schaprode there is a parking lot. You must park your car here. There are no cars allowed on Hiddensee!

Furthermore, you have the possibility to go to Breege via Großer Jasmunder Bodden. You can find current timetables and prices at

Where can I rent a car?

Autocenter Eggert GmbH, Stralsunder Chaussee 21, 18528 Bergen, phone +49 (0) 3838 820300

Europcar, Industriestrasse 12, 18528 Bergen, phone +49 (0) 3838 254280

Sixt, Proraer Chaussee 5, 18609 Binz, phone +49 (0) 38393 666380

Autohaus Abraham GmbH, Stralsunder Chaussee 25, 18528 Bergen

Where can I get fresh fish?

Fish markets for fresh and smoked fish:
Having, Neuensien Dorfstraße 10, phone: +49 (0) 38303 87225

De Seedörper, Martin Liedtke, Seedorf Am Hafen, phone: +49 (0) 38303 87974

When and where to do the ships leave from the pier?

Adler Schiffe and Reederei Ostsee-Tour run services along the Baltic Sea resort piers. Current departure times and prices can be found at

What can I do with my children?

There are many events for kids offered by the “Kurverwaltung” or other regional providers. You can use our event calendar and filter for children’s topics. Further information. Please also check our information displays for more events.

How and where to do the buses go?

In every “Touristinformation” (tourist information) you will receive timetables for Rügen’s buses. You can also get information on the Internet. Further information

Where can I get “Gelbe Säcke” (yellow bags)?

When you arrive to your apartment or vacation home, the landlord usually has yellow bags in stock. If you want to get your own yellow bags, you will need to get the stamps from your landlord. With these stamps you will get yellow bags in EDEKA.

I want to see the Störtebeker show. What are the options?

Option 1

You buy the tickets at the information points or at any Kurverwaltung of the island of Rügen. The cards are printed directly for you. Arrival: You can drive your car to a free large car park nearby the Störtebeker show. The remaining 2 kilometers to the venue can be covered by a shuttle or by walking.

Option 2

You buy the tickets directly at the show in Ralswiek. Caution: On the weekend mostly only the back ranks are available! Arrival to the show: see Option 1.

Option 3

You can buy your tickets including the journey with a travel agency. You can pick up your tickets at the information points or at the Kurverwaltung. The travel agency picks you up and drops you off at public bus stops before and after the show.

Is it allowed for dogs to run freely?

From June, 1st to September, 30th dogs have to be leashed in the entire beach area. This also applies to the designated dog beaches on the main beach and south beach of Sellin.