Events for Children

Familienurlaub auf Rügen

Proud children, free children, and naughty children – that is Sellin!

Proud children, free children, and naughty children – the kids are happy when they are allowed to romp about with others, or go on an expedition on their own. In Sellin they may become a pirate or a scientist in the beach laboratory. They bake bread on spits in the fire, build castles out of sand or go dancing with a polar bear at children’s Olympic games on the ice-rink.

Every party in Sellin also features fun activities for the children; be it at the Easter bonfire, on children’s day, at the Indian camp, at the Pirates’ Festival, fire shows and children’s theatre. There are always professional entertainers invited who prepare something special for the children. They show them how to juggle or to do a crazy make up; they create tattoos in airbrush technique or offer competitions on the bouncy castle. Mostly there is also a ball cannon and kids may have fun in Bobby car driving.