Coastal Protection

Sonnenuntergang Strand in Sellin auf Rügen

How the Rügen high cliff became a beautiful beach

Most visitors of the Isle of Rügen visit Sellin and the Sellin hilly land because they love nature. This is especially beautiful, when it is unspoilt and not disturbed by interventions into the natural process. It is rarely known, that the high cliff erosion on Rügen is a natural phenomenon of coastal dynamics. That is how shallow, sandy coasts like the Sellin Southern beach were created. During the past 150 years in Sellin, as in all other high cliffs on Rügen isle, the coast receded for about 80m. Because of sound measures for coastal protection, visitors may nonetheless enjoy their holidays. Prominent signs all over Rügen warn of possible risks and are to follow in all cases.

According to weather conditions KÖNIGSSTUHL Visitors Centre publishes risk warnings daily to be found under