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Sellin Pier

She is brave and open-hearted. Only because she paves the way for us, we dare to so go far out into the Baltic Sea.

Bäderarchitektur Ostseebad Sellin

Spa Architecture

Spa architecture is not really a style but a collection of different European architectural styles. In Sellin you may dsicover it!

Sonnenaufgang Moritzdorf Sellin

Sellin Hilly Land

Soft rolling meadows and an unhindered view to the horizon enchant us in Sellin hilly land. It is the ideal countryside for active people.

Bernsteinmuseum Sellin

Amber Museum Sellin

More than 40 mio years ago, subtropical forests covered the region where the Baltic amber developed. It is the basis of a museum.

Museum Seefahrerhaus Sellin

Museum Seafarers’ Home

The museum presents everyday tools of fishermen and boatbuilders, ancient navigation instruments, seafarers’ souvenirs and more.

Mühlenpark Altensien Sellin Rügen

Historical Mill Site

In 2006, the last master builder of mills in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania had rebuilt it according to historical depictions.

Tauchgondel Sellin Sonnenuntergang

Diving Gondola

With the diving gondola you may venture out underwater worlds of the Baltic Sea without getting your feet wet.

Kurpark Friedensberg im Ostseebad Sellin

Peaceful Mountain

Peaceful Mountain is a recreational site for body, mind and soul. Find out about our fitness-path and learn more about yourself.

Kunst auf Rügen Gallerie Hartwich Sellin

Contemporary Art

The former Sellin fire engine building shows, how charming a building can be, that was build for a technical purpose.