Eisbahn Eiszeit Ostseebad Sellin Design Stefan Pocha Christiane Burwitz

Ice Rink

In December, the seaside resort of Sellin goes on a pleasure trip to the Ice Age. Enjoy the a happy day with your family on ice rink.

Wanderfrühling Ostseebad Sellin Rügen

Hiking Spring on Ruegen

When nature awakens on the Baltic Sea Isle of Rügen, it is a destination for hikers who enjoy going on a guided walk to unknown sites.

Wiesenfest beim Fährmann Foto Stefan Pocha Christiane Burwitz

Festival at the Ferryman

Once a year the ferryman rowing the boat from Baabe to Moritzdorf invites to a family party onto the meadows of his shores.

Hafenfest Seedorf Sellin

Harbour Festival

Once famous ships werde built there. Now it is a destination for nature lovers and in summer we celebrate the Seedorf harbour festival.

Piratenfest Kinder Familie Strand Sellin

Pirates’ Festival

Childern who like to become a pirate enjoy the festival because they are invited to show their courage and even receive a license!

Seebrückenfest Feuerwerk Ostseebad Sellin Foto Pocha Burwitz

Pier Festival

Sellin Pier is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Rügen. The Pier Festival is an event to celebrate this lady in white.

RUGIA Hoe Festival Sellin Outrigger

RUGIA Hoe Festival

Das RUGIA Hoe Festival ist Nachfolger der „Baltic Outrigger Challage“ – der legendären Weltrekordfahrt im September 2014.

Selliner Seebrückenlauf Foto Christiane Burwitz Stefan Pocha

Sellin Pier Run

Active people of all ages join the traditional Sellin Pier Run. The others enjoy the atmosphere and cheer up to the winners.

Beach Polo Ostseebad Sellin Foto Burwitz Pocha

Beach Polo Championship

Argentine Horses and perfect players create a lively event on the beach below the pier at the yearly Beach Polo Championship.

Tour d'Allée Ostseebad Sellin

Tour d’ Allée

Sellin will yet again be the destination of the “Tour d’Allée”, which is taking place under the motto of “Cycling with Celebrities”.

Veranstaltungen auf Rügen im Ostseebad Sellin

Calendar of Events

Concerts on the pier, polo on the beach, guided walks and celebrations, there’s always something going on!