Blue Flag

Blaue Flagge auf Rügen - Zertifikat für Strände und Badewasserqualität

Sellin sails under the Blue Flag

Every year Sellin applies for the licence to carry the quality label of Blue Flag – and receives it. Therefore, it belongs to the outstanding destinations for nature-loving holidays with the whole family. Every year in May, the Rügen health authorities take a first water sample on the Sellin beaches. Further samples during the season confirm the exactness of the analysis. Until the “Blue Flag” is fluttering in the Sellin sea breeze, the consultants also look on further aspects. Are guests animated to an environmentally compatible behaviour? Does bathing and yachting show consideration for ecological aspects? Is the natural character of the region guaranteed? Is waste disposed of correctly? With great care the seaside resort of Sellin works hard to be allowed to hoist the “Blue Flag” on the beach.