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Like a whirlwind through Sellin hilly land

On a biking tour in Sellin hilly land, we encounter the region’s history. At museum Seafarers’ Home captains report of adventures on the high seas and at the Altensien post mill, we bake bread after traditional recipes. Famous sailing ships were once built in the natural harbour of Seedorf and our ancestors build their megalithic tombs in Lancken-Granitz.

Many beautiful biking tours start in Sellin. There are 22 looped tours in the surroundings of Sellin recorded on a tour map. They are between 21 and 44km long and lead you through the diverse landscape of the Isle of Rügen. You may go on a demanding tour through Granitz beech forest to the “Black Lake” and the high cliff. Well-managed biking paths and blacktop country lanes lead you into the Bodden scenery, to Sellin Lake or to the picturesque village Groß Stresow. The rowing ferry in Moritzdorf also takes bicycles. Through the heath of Baabe, you reach Mönchgut peninsula with its varied cultural heritage and seven different museums.

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