Autumn Hikes

Naturally Romantic

Come and explore the traces of the Romantic period on foot. Just like the 19th-century painters, let yourself be swept away by the intensive allure of the light and scenery on the island of Rügen. You can also make the most of the opportunity to discover the extensive natural island landscapes that once inspired artists such as Caspar David Friedrich, Philipp Otto Runge or Carl Gustav Carus.
 This year’s “Autumn Hikes” event offers around 70 hikes and activities, most of which are free of charge, for example: 
expert guided tours through the natural and cultural landscapes of the island in the Baltic Sea and its ‘little sister’ Hiddensee, Nordic Walking tours, excursions to the Jasmund peninsula, explorations of the Granitz, walks through the coastal resorts and guided tours of Cape Arkona.