A New Place to Visit Every Day

Moritzdorf Sellin
Moritzdorf Sellin

Rügen offers families a new place to visit every day. The island is a particularly attractive holiday destination for families with children, not only due to its Bodden lagoon, beach and beech forest landscapes, but also thanks to its multitude of attractions and activities. In fact, not one of Rügen’s Baltic resorts fails to provide optimal services for this target audience, which is why “Gustav”, the fish with a crown that acts an authentication for family-friendly holidays, can be found all over the island. On top of all this, visitors to Rügen can also discover much more than excellent conditions for families and holiday homes, hotels and private rooms that especially cater to these holiday guests.

Nature Is What Makes Rügen So Attractive

When at home, it’s sometimes difficult to convince your children to join you on a day out. This is certainly not the case on Rügen, where children can look forward to a real adventure. In the Baltic resort of Sellin, you can take your torch with you to visit the bats, examine the Baltic sand in the Beach Laboratory or explore the depths of the Baltic Sea in the submerged gondola. You can also enjoy an extremely fun guided walk through the woods with rangers wearing traditional uniforms and large hats, who will provide your children with plenty of facts and new knowledge.

Up in the Heights of the Treetop Trail

The island of Rügen also offers a number of even more spectacular highlights. The “Baumwipfelpfad” (‘Treetop Trail’) at the “Naturerbe Zentrum Prora” nature centre, for example, covers a total of 1150 metres and leads up to a viewing tower designed in the style of an aerie. With a bit of luck, you will even be able to observe the sea eagle that has migrated to the forests by the Prora resort. If you want to be sure to see such birds, head to the eagle show at the Störtebeker Festival. This grand flight show features a falconer and his eagles, falcons and buzzards. It forms part of the programme of events accompanying the popular open-air play about the “Likedeeler” Störtebeker and his comrades and takes place two hours before the performance.

Dinosaurs Are Only Animals Too

The “Dinosaurierland” (‘Dinosaur World’) in the town of Sagard is home to extremely realistic models of these huge primeval creatures spread out over a 1.1km-long adventure trail. Some of the models even move and make primeval noises. The “alaris Schmettlingspark” butterfly park, on the other hand, enables visitors to experience the delicate world of butterflies in a tropical atmosphere, while visitors to the “Tierpark Sassnitz” zoo can even touch the animals. The Ozeaneum in the city of Stralsund is a truly magnificent attraction, with giant aquariums and stunning models, impressing young and old alike in a modern shiny silver work of architecture directly by the harbour.

The Seal Expedition Adventure

Alongside the sea eagle, the grey seal has also returned to the Baltic coast. You can visit these animals on a boat trip leaving from Lauterbach harbour. This seal expedition in the Bay of Greifswald is most definitely an unforgettable experience. Lauterbach harbour also offers guided tours of the island of Vilm, a landscape protected by strict nature conservation regulations that allow no interference whatsoever in the processes of change of nature. As a result, the island now boasts a wild and romantic ancient forest landscape.